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 Wettstein Farm

While Dennis and Emily Wettstein both grew up on farms, it was not until 1985 that they chose to become organic farmers.  At a time when heavily subsidised conventional farming was becoming every more industialized, the Wettsteins chose to move in the oposite direction. Today the Wettsteins farm more than 140 acres of  beautiful Central Illinois land. Located near Carlock, IL, their land rolling land is as picturesque as it is bio-diverse.  Through hardwork over the years their operation has become not only organically certified, it has a energy use and carbon footprint that is a fraction of that of neigboring farms.

Emily and Denny sell certified organic beef, pork, poultry and eggs directly to a growing number of customers.  They also raise organic soybeans, corn and other grains and sell organic feed to other organic livestock and dairy farmers in the area.

2100 US Hwy 150, Carlock, IL 61725
Email: Emily and Dennis