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News From the Farm by seamusford
July 9, 2013, 6:24 pm
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Hello ,

We are enjoying the weather down here. The rain stopped long enough for us to get the corn and beans planted then rained again. Now it stopped for a short while and we got the corn and beans cultivated and rotary hoed. Also got most of the first cutting of hay into the barn with only part of one field rained on which I am using as mulch for the garden and flower beds. It is almost time to combine the oats, wheat, and rye so I hope it stops raining again for a little while for that to get harvested and then baled.

Well anyway what I wanted to let you know is that we have four large whole Beef Briskets. They are $8.00 a pound and weigh 5.27#, 7.19# 7.25# and 6.16#. We also have extra Beef Short Ribs they weigh in the range of smaller 1.7# each and the larger 2.7# range these are $6.00 a pound.

If anyone is interested please let me know and I will bring them up this Sat. or later whatever would work for you.

Thanks, Emily


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I am interested in getting two beef briskets from you. I have not bought from you before. Do you come to Bloomington?



Comment by Tians Gmail

Emily, I would like: 2.7lb short ribs, 5lb neck bones,1lb beef liver, 1beef tongue and 3lb of 3 to a lb beef patties. Weights do not have to be exact. Thank you, see you Sat.13th. Dane

Comment by dane rutter

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