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Buzz Cafe Saturday Dec, 20 by seamusford
December 8, 2014, 3:48 pm
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Hello All,

Denny is wanting to come up Sat. Dec. 20th with meat and eggs.  If there is any special cut of meat you would like for Christmas please let us know.  Hopefully we would be able to get it for you.  The beef will be processed next Monday and the pork next Thursday early in the morning.

We hopefully will be at the Buzz from 12:00 – 3:00 on that Sat.

Will let you know when getting closer.

Thanks, Emily

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I hope the weather cooperates and he will make it! Do we need to order eggs ahead? Any chance you have any lamb shanks left?

Cheryl Gandolfi

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Comment by Cheryl Gandolfi


I am interested in purchasing some cuts that would be ideal for bone broth. Well, some bone of course but cuts with some cartilage, collagen and ligaments. I’m pretty new to making bone broth but I’ve had some success with oxtail and shank cuts. If you have these and other cuts you might be more familiar with, I would very much like to purchase them- up to 10 lbs based on your availability.  Also, I’ve seen ligament sold in some Asian marts. If you have them available, I would like some from you as well.  Also, (hmmm, my list seems to be getting longer and longer) do you have any calf liver, raw milk and unpasteurized butter? 

And then for the pork, I would like 3 lbs of pork belly for now and perhaps some pork ribs. I will contact you again about the ribs as I finalize our menu for the holidays. 

I would greatly appreciate an estimate of the costs and what you do and do not have available for purchase.

I’m excited to start consuming local meat that are safe from chemicals and drugs!

Thank you! Lynn 

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Comment by Lynn


are we able to order a turkey for pickup at buzz cafe this weekend?

please let me know.

Dan O’Donnell ododaniel@gmail.com

Comment by Daniel ODonnell

Do you have turkeys available for delivery to buzz on the 20th. Am looking for a small turkey for christmas

Comment by Daniel O'Donnell

hi, i live in decatur, do you sell in central il., also do you have a ph. no. i can reach you at……………gary

Comment by gary myatt

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