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Buzz Café this Sat. April 11th from 12:00 – 2:30 by seamusford
April 7, 2015, 6:18 pm
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Hello All,

We are hopefully coming to the Buzz Café this Sat. April 11th from 12:00 – 2:30.  We will have beef, pork, only chicken breasts, and a small amount of eggs.  Next time will be at the Farmers Market, can you believe it!!!  Stay safe and hopefully Denny will see you there.

Thanks, Emily

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i would like toknow how i can get your meats and produce, i live in decatur , ghicago is a long way ,its at least 4hrs .gary

Comment by gary myatt

Hello Gary,

We live at Carlock, IL and sell direct to the consumer out of our front door. Following is our price list. You can purchase one item or many items there is no size limit. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Emily

Large Brown Eggs $4.00 a dozen

Medium Brown Eggs $3.00 a dozen

Whole Chicken $4.50 a pound

Cut-Up Whole Chicken $4.75 a pound

Chicken Breast $10.00 a pound

Boneless/Skinless Breast $12.00 a pound

Chicken Legs $5.00 a pound

Chicken Thighs $5.00 a pound

Chicken Leg Quarters $5.50 a pound

Chicken Wings $3.00 a pound

Back & Ribs $2.00 a pound

Hearts or Livers $5.00 a pound


6.00 Ground Beef

6.00 Beef Patties 3/1 or 4/1

7.00 Chuck Roast

7.00 Arm Roast

8.00 Sirloin Tip Roast

8.00 Rolled Rump Roast

10.00 Hanger Steak

7.00 Chuck Steak

7.00 Round Roast

15.00 Rib-eye Steak

13.00 T-Bone Steak

16.00 NY Strip Steak

25.00 Fillet Mignon

12.00 Flank Steak

10.00 Flat Iron Steak

7.00 Cube Steak

7.00 Round Steak

12.00 Sirloin Steak

7.00 Swiss Steak

10.00 Skirt Steak

8.00 Clod Steak

6.00 Short Ribs

8.00 Brisket

8.00 Stew Meat

8.00 Stir Fry

12.00 Kebabs

3.00 Neck Bones

4.00 Soup Bones

2.50 Knuckle Bones

2.50 Shank Bones

2.50 Marrow Bones

3.00 Tongue or Heart

6.50 Oxtail

3.00 Liver

10.00 Cheek Meat

All Prices are per pound


6.50 Ground Pork Bulk

6.50 Stir Fry

7.00 Sausage Bulk

7.50 Sausage Patties*

8.50 Sausage Mini Links*

7.50 Sw. Italian Sausage Bulk* or Link*

7.00 Pork Chorizo

7.50 Brauts Link*

7.50 Polish Links

7.50 Cajun Links

9.00 Pork Chops

15.00 Butterfly Chops

22.00 Pork Tenderloin

7.00 Shoulder Steaks

7.00 Shoulder Roasts

10.00 Baby Back Ribs

6.00 Country Style Ribs

4.50 Spare Ribs

3.00 Neck Bones

10.00 Bacon*

9.00 Fresh Side

7.00 Ham*

4.00 Pork Hocks Cured* or Fresh

*Made with Organic Seasonings and Organic Cure

No Nitrates or Nitrites


16.00 Lamb Chops

12.00 Boneless Leg or Roast

10.00 Bone-In Leg of Lamb or Roast

10.00 Ground Lamb

10.00 Shoulder Steak

10.00 Lamb Chorizo

10.00 Stew Meat

10.00 Lamb Kebabs

6.00 Lamb Shank

Comment by seamusford

Where is the Buzz Cafe’ ?

Comment by Mike Kalb

Oak Park, IL http://thebuzzcafe.com/

Comment by seamusford

Hi Emily

Will you have beef bones? No lamb, right?

Cheryl Gandolfi

Sent from my iPhone


Comment by Cheryl Gandolfi

I have been looking for an all green organic farm. I am interested in buying beef, pork, poultry and fresh vegetables. I see that you are mostly found at the Buzz Café. I live about 100 miles away, but am interested in buying/Reserving organically grown meats and produce. Is this possible with you folks? Thank you for your time and assistance.

Kind Regards

Comment by Michael Mauk

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