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Don’t let the word “organic” fool you by seamusford
January 6, 2017, 4:54 pm
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After many years of small family farms growing awareness and  demand for organic food we find ourselves in a new era.

A movement rooted in the values of community,  sustainability and family farming now must compete with a counter movement rooted mostly in profit.   Organics or more specifically their popularity has attracted big money.

People may be aware that a number of large grocery chains have increased their organic product lines.  On the surface this seems like a good thing.  More and more people are seeing the value and common sense of organic food, but that very popularity may be hurting organics.   Large groceries have massive supply chains that involve extensive transportation.  The longer it takes food to get from farm to table, the less fresh and thus less valuable it becomes.

This dilemma incentivizes, tempts and or forces large scale groceries to make adjustments that exploit minimalistic and non-comprehensive government standards and in some cases render an organic label meaningless.

There remains a vast difference between buying organic directly from a family farm and buying it in a grocery.  We are grateful to our customers who know this difference and continue to support us.

To learn more about this concerning trend in organics, please take some time out to read this recent article in Ecofarming Daily.



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