Wettstein Organic Farm


IMG_0641All of our poultry is free range and raised on a combination of grass and organic feed raised on our land.  We offer a wide selection of fresh poultry:

Organic Free-Range Thanksgiving Turkeys
Our organic, free-range whole Thanksgiving Turkeys set a new standard for a meaty, succulent bird that roasts to juicy perfection for holidays, special occasions, or anytime. Our turkeys grow to size in an all-natural environment free of hormones and subtherapeutic antibiotics on a diet of certified organic grains. The result is a fresh, wholesome turkey of incomparable flavor and tenderness.
All-Natural Cornish Game Hens
Cornish game hens are a breed of domestic chicken that weigh 20 to 24 ounces when fully mature. They have a light, savory, slightly stronger flavor than chicken, but not as strong as partridge or quail. Game hens are an ideal solution for entertaining—just figure a half or a whole hen per person, depending on appetite size and whether the hens are stuffed.
Organic Chickens (Fryers)
Few dining pleasures can equal the simplicity of a perfectly roasted chicken—plump, flavorful, and juicy. Lobel’s organic chickens average about 3 pounds, making them ideal to be cut up for frying or roasted whole.

Organic Chicken Breasts
Skinless, boneless organic chicken breasts come in convenient 1-pound tray packs—4 to 5 pieces per pack.

2100 US Hwy 150, Carlock, IL 61725
Email: Emily and Dennis

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